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Drauger OS 7.5.1 is on Alpha 3! Should we publicly release it, or wait until Beta 1?

Announcing the NEW Drauger OS layout! That, and a whole host of other changes are coming to the next version of Drauger OS. Check the list of major changes on our blog:

After a year and a half, and LOTS of community feedback, we are changing our layout for Drauger OS 7.5.1. More details to come in our blog post this Monday.

The results from our recent poll are in! It seems that overall, not including the small number of people on the fence with this, half of people view using instead of a built in partitioner in a system installer as better vs worse.

This result is based off the total number of votes on all platforms.

The latest episode of the Drauger OS Podcast is now up! Check it out!

A little longer post this week, but we got a lot done. Check out what we've got done behind the scenes this week on the Drauger OS Blog!:

Is it better or worse if a system installation utility (such as Ubiquity or Calamares) suggests you use gparted instead of offering a built in partitioning tool?

Leave us a comment explaining your stance!

For now it looks like Drauger OS on is stalled because without the Steam client the library of possible games is TINY. Maybe sometime in the future? 🤔

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