I've been getting an increase in spam directly related to my website. To prevent this, I've made my own filter using a prefilled mailto: link :blobthinkingsmirk:

When clicked, all of the mailto: links on my site display the attached screenshot. The link below is to the source link that shows what I had to type to get it looking like that 😩

@amolith What if I don't have mailto: bind to anything?

There should be guide in plain text too, not just a link.

@eo When you don't have your mailto: bound to anything, your OS or browser should ask you what is should do with this link.

And then it's your problem, not @amolith's ^^

I mean you try to send him an email, not the other way around, one can assume, that you also have to do the basics, if you want something.

@amolith i have my email address encoded as a perl rot13 one-liner. i really like your idea for prefilling via mailto:, though. might borrow it if i ever remake my personal site (unlikely).

@amolith I made a php script you can use to obfuscate the email address: gitlab.com/johanvandegriff/joh If you don't use php, you can just run the email address through the function, and copy the output to your html page.

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