Even though it passed all their checks at the protocol level and even though I used rather strict verification settings for such a new server, Google's algorithmβ„’, in its infinite wisdom, decided that my email was spam.


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@amolith Is it separated from the former invidious server?

@tagomago Yep. I bought both a new domain and a new server to make sure any issues with email wouldn't mess with any of my other services and vice versa.

@amolith Microsoft (Hotmail/Outlook) decided to block the disroot email server. And I've been reading sporadic things in different articles that hint at the big email providors, i.e. email as a service, have a tendency to block other email providors with the excuse that that's where phishing emails come from. I wish I'd noted those hints so I could piece a trail together.

@amolith @tagomago

> new domain

That sounds like the issue. Just have to send more mail to gmail people and have them mark it as non spam.

@amolith They often consider all servers they never got mail from before for a certain amount of time as spam.

Sometimes you can shorten that by reaching out to their postmaster address. But yeah, their trust scoring process is rather annoying.

@amolith google abruptly stopped delivering my mail at all, it doesn't even end up in spam.

@moonman Are you using managed email from another provider or running it yourself?

@amolith running it myself. dkim, spf and reverse dns are all set up right but I think they don't like the ip range I'm in.

@moonman Try sending an email to the address here and take a look at the reports.

What's unusual about the ip range?

@amolith they must have thought you were a conservative πŸ˜‰

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