is in the process of being added to STARTTLS Everywhere, an initiative by the to constantly verify that an email server is secure and preload it in email clients that use their list.

Getting the user dashboard finished is going to take a while though :blobsob:

Owning makes me feel important :blobspy:


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@amolith Was it super hard to install and configure the email server? You said that you were going to follow a guide, but even so... I always read that it's a nightmare.

@tagomago The hardest part is just understanding how everything connects and works together. I'd always heard that it was incredibly difficult as well but Christoph's guide is complete and very easy to understand.

The worst part was (and will be) the time commitment 😉

@amolith Maybe I'll give it a try in a few centuries :-D No, I'll probably try it at some point, it's one of the master moves towards self-hosting, which I'm eager to do.

It certainly is one of the big steps forward when you're getting into self-hosting. In my mind, email has always been one of the hardest things to run, nigh untouchable except by the most experienced admins. That really isn't the case though; it's not too hard and actually really fun to go through the guide, see everything coming together, and actually *know* what you're doing. Sure you can run Docker images, iRedMail, MailCow, and all the rest but there's no substitute for knowing how it works under the hood and being able to fix it if something breaks.

@amolith Yes, that's it. I also heard nice things about Mail-in-a-Box, but I'd rather get my hands on the wires and actually *learn* something.

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