Last night, I started paying $5/mo for . Based on the UI alone, it doesn't seem to be as "modern" as solutions like GitLab, GitHub, Gitea, etc. When you started reading the documentation, however, holy shit. The amount of time Drew must have put into developing it is insane and $5 is really the *least* I can do. If I had more money to give, I would; in an ideal world, I would be perfectly happy giving $20-$30/mo for sourcehut.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend looking into it. Don't just stop at the surface-level docs either; really dig into them and see for yourself what all it can do.

I mean the build system alone is fantastic. VMs for a number of distributions can be spun up on every commit, you can script how to build the application, install Debian packages, Alpine, stuff from the AUR, etc. You can also give sourcehut an SSH key with access to your server so you can automate the whole development cycle from push to production with it.

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The thing is that I want a nice UI and the Gerrit style is not really nice and not really user friendly for me.
Also you can't easily find the docs 😂

Found it under man. I was searching for docs or wiki. Looks interesting but I still really dislike the UI

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