Initially, I had been planning to make @RedactedLife's support page link to my fosspay instance. After a conversation with a friend about the state of things, I've decided to make a list of some lesser-known developers and projects that are vital to the open source ecosystem and encourage listeners to support them. I don't really *need* the money and am happy to pay for everything out of pocket but these people often depend on donations for their livelihood.

If anyone has some recommendations, please send me a link! :blobcheer:

:BoostOK: Boosts appreciated

will already be considered and likely listed.

All of this is a late response to 's talk at about Load-Bearing Internet People. I attended and was really inspired to start monetarily supporting projects I use; the conversation I had earlier reminded me about it.

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Faced with impending eviction, debts, and late utility bills, that pull request doesn't mean very much.

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@amolith TLDR when I run a stratum 2 NTP server in the pool I contribute to that?

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