Well any impression I may have had about Apple being privacy-centric is gone now. Apple won't implement encrypted backups at the behest of . . . you guessed it, the FBI 🥳

Just use an open source OS you actually *own* rather than something you are *allowed* to use that could change at any time without notice or consent 🙄

@amolith Yep yep. Highly recommend checking out Nextcloud if you want to set up your own "cloud" backup to your own computer-on-the-internet.

@joshg I've used it before and, personally, I didn't really like it. I feel like Nextcloud is one service that does a sub-par job at a lot of things where I prefer using many services that do a fantastic job at one thing 😉 For files and backups, I have FreeNAS running on a server in my living room

@amolith Fair. I'm happy about the mobile integration for stuff like backing up photos, but I'm sure there's other ways to get that done.

@amolith who would have thought that there could be privacy issues associated with storing your data on other people’s computers? 🤔

@amolith pretty sure Android isn't a whole lot better in this regard. And considering both of these platforms are 99.99% of smartphones out there, that basically means not using a smartphone.

Which, come to think of it, is probably not a bad idea.

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