@amolith Thanks for the tip. I tried a couple terminal clients recently and decided that email in the terminal was an exercise in self-torture. I'll give this one a shot.

@pcrock Replying to badly-formatted (HTML) emails can be a pain but, other than that, I'm completely satisfied with aerc. If you're used to vim, switching will be be a breeze 😉

Same here. I'll give it a shot. I installed {neo}mutt, but I didn't even got a decent configuration file -_-

Thanks @amolith :)


Can't wait for the ScreenshotSunday to compile all the good terminal app recommendations I got this week

@amolith can it do Maildir yet? Like,... I sync my mail with other tools and use it only for composing and reading?

Also: notmuch integration?

@musicmatze I'm pretty sure it works with Maildir and yes it has notmuch integration

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