If I can swing it, I think I'll set my Mastodon instance up on a new domain tomorrow. I'll have to do some testing beforehand to see how much will break in the process. I'd really rather not run two instances but I also want to make sure my users have the chance to migrate so I'll leave both up for a month or so.

Migrating to the new instance will have the added benefit of correcting some long-running issues of the current one. It's an old instance and my hacking on it has resulted in some minor but really annoying issues; namely, broken meta images and a running but nonfunctioning mastodon-streaming service. Home timelines updates are slow, federated timeline only shows new posts on a full page refresh, and scrolling to the bottom of the notifications does nothing. It just ends when it should pull older notifications from the server. It also uses a ton of storage and restarting would fix that πŸ˜‰

@amolith You have spelled out all the things that are bugging me. I'm looking forward to using your new instance. Gotta keep those custom emojis :blobwink:

@amolith you may give Pleroma a try? You can always use the Mastodon FE if you like the UI/UX more than Pleroma. Its more resource friendly.
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