Hmm NPM merging with GitHub . . . sounds to me like Microshit is going back to their tactics of embracing a tech, extending it, and then extinguishing it :thonking: There's already a GitHub Package Registry. What would they gain by absorbing NPM if not the eventual migration to their own thing

@amolith Sounds like more reasons to just nope out of a repository when I see anything javascript related πŸ™Š

@schoentoon I wish I could but there are so many awesome web services that rely on it 😒

@amolith Yeah sadly, although I'll happily nope out of anything using javascript on the backend though. Rather not have hacked together backend code by a usual frontend guy running on my servers.

@schoentoon @amolith @0x00 I heard there's a decentralized alternative being built. I don't remember the name unfortunately. It's made by folks who were working with npm originally but got tired of the centralization and bad organization. I remember seeing a talk about it.

@Amolith @MasterOfTheTiger Well crud. Guess that means no more NPM for me. I was just getting it figured out too...
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