Now I just need my uni to get on board. My boss just said that it's actually being considered and some things are up in the air because of it.

If you know any authors, please encourage them to adopt one of the models on 😊

The options here are just scary. I do *not* want a sMaRt SpEaKeR in my room recording every damn thing I'm doing and I *certainly* don't want my location around campus tracked via my phone. If that happens, it's fucking staying in my room or in a Faraday bag until I'm off-campus.

I mean come on. How are these even options. How do people think this is ok

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Nothing will be done about it but I'm speaking my mind regardless

This was amusing. I was reading an article on Windows bring their AV crap to Linux (100% useless but whatever) and there was a ton of whitespace (first screenshot). I asked a webdev friend of mine why they would do that and he sent me a screenshot showing a bunch of ads in the space (second). I disabled uBlockOrigin and Firefox's Privacy Protection stuff but still nothing showed up (third).

Then I remembered I set Firefox to use my DoH adblock server (fourth)πŸ˜‚

It has a theme. I'm done. I've found my webmail client. No need to search for another.

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I don't think I've ever seen a more minimal webmail client but, to be quite honest, I *really* like it.

I will be setting up for and possibly styling it with some CSS.

I never thought someone would actually ask me this. We even went through vimtut :blobfacepalm: πŸ˜‚

I'm tired of people going on about Cloudflare. It's not a normal tired either. It's a "please get the fuck out of my face if you're going to say one more word because I am just done." A friend of mine said I was a shit service provider because I would rather stop running everything than put my applications behind a MITM and compromise user privacy.

Not sure I really believe him with the message below but we'll see.

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