Should I move the documentation to my instance or leave it on the main site? Everything is handwritten HTML so, as the number of docs increases, the work needed to maintain it all will increase as well. Along with that, moving it to MediaWiki would also make everything else more discoverable :thonking:

It's still somewhat experimental but NixNet Mail now has koushin set up using the sourcehut theme. If you want to try it out, you can log in with your account at 😊

Onion URL coming soon 😉

I don't think I've ever seen a more minimal webmail client but, to be quite honest, I *really* like it.

I will be setting up for and possibly styling it with some CSS.

Finally got around to running the SQL queries to set up for :blobthinkingsmirk: Accounts at the address are now available 🥳

The server has been upgraded to Debian 10 :blobcheer:

Everything should be working properly now; if you're using a mobile/desktop client, I highly recommend editing your server config and using <proto> instead of mx1; using the protocol in the subdomain is the standard and I won't support using mx1 indefinitely. In addition, POP3 is enabled if you want to download your emails and delete them from the server.

This will all go out in an email later this evening as well.

My head *hurts*. I just spent nearly three hours in an intense discussion about the dashboard for . I won't say much about it yet other than it will get here eventually. There are a *lot* of decisions that need to be made before anything can happen.

I'm going to buy a few more domains for It probably won't be *now* but in the next couple of months. Any suggestions/requests?

They will all be options in the registration UI along with the ability to use your own domain.

I just made some changes to the NixNet Mail website; there's now a menu, a footer, and information for using a desktop client rather than Roundcube.

If anyone would like an account on NixNet Mail to try out the service, run their own tests, or just see Roundcube's new UI, instructions are at

is in the process of being added to STARTTLS Everywhere, an initiative by the to constantly verify that an email server is secure and preload it in email clients that use their list.

Getting the user dashboard finished is going to take a while though :blobsob:


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