I'm tired of people going on about Cloudflare. It's not a normal tired either. It's a "please get the fuck out of my face if you're going to say one more word because I am just done." A friend of mine said I was a shit service provider because I would rather stop running everything than put my applications behind a MITM and compromise user privacy.

Not sure I really believe him with the message below but we'll see.

I think I've found an alternative to :cloudflare_red: Liberapay :thonking:


Looking at his instance, it has everything I would look for in a donation platform and I'm quite taken with it.

I'm going to set up this evening and start replacing Liberapay links on my website 😁

Seems like the world's biggest MiTM is down and took a rather large number of websites with it :thonking:

This one pisses me off a little bit. The person who created an account with my email address is actually trying to get my site on .

Someone seems to have made a account with my email address. Notice the mailbox it's in and its read status :thonking:

Firefox is going to ship with DNS over HTTPS (DoH) by default soon. They're partnering with Cloudflare to get achieve this and it will ignore whatever you have configured locally, even your hosts file. They do have some specs available for how your DNS service can be listed as compatible but it will still use Cloudflare by default.

It may be time for me to start looking at some of the more private derivatives of Firefox. It's sad to see a project dedicated to privacy ruin that with crappy defaults πŸ˜•

Hmm. There's an entire section of the page dedicated to listing some of the issues with them. It's certainly not complete but it does do a good job of listing them without bias.


CC: @crimeflare@ieji.de

In @crimeflare@botsin.space's bio, there's a link to a really cool resource on CloudFlare



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