It's still somewhat experimental but NixNet Mail now has koushin set up using the sourcehut theme. If you want to try it out, you can log in with your account at 😊

Onion URL coming soon πŸ˜‰

I really want to go talk to the university's attorney about turning into a legal entity and what all would be involved with that.

But I would have to call to make an appointment and that involves talking to a front desk person who knows nothing about what I'm wanting to do and will likely involve them telling me to go to some local law office and paying $978234/hr

aaaaaa :blobnotlike:

now has a proper status page from :blobcheer:

I spent almost an hour getting everything added and I get emails and Telegram messages every time something is down and back up. I'm in the process of getting searx and xBrowserSync fixed; I've known about them for a while πŸ˜‰

I just created a couple of channels on for various purposes. Here's an invite link if anyone's interested in joining.$/invite/@Amolith:1

I've got one for @RedactedLife:
One for :
And one for me:

Well Heimdall is nice but these others look good too :thonking:

Which should I go with?

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My Affiliates page has been updated to include a Privacy link that will get credit $5 to both of our accounts.

If you already have an account, you can enter my referral code, R5LE8, in the settings.

I think my New Year's resolution will be to keep track of all the money I get. I'm not very concerned with where it all goes but I want to keep the money I make or myself separate from the money generates so I can ensure it goes where it's needed.

At the moment, that's not really an issue though. The donations don't fully cover operating costs so, as long as the servers get paid for, the money is going where it should. This is about setting up a system I can use long-term

I think I'm going to put netcup affiliate links on my site. 10% of the revenue from customers I refer goes directly to paying for my own servers. Once 10 people have the same ones I do, my servers are completely covered. It would be a fantastic way to fund .

Would count as a small business? I don't make any money from it but I do provide a variety of services for free and accept donations :thonking:

If so, today is apparently :flan_shrug: :flan_aww:

Hopefully the wire transfer from Kraken doesn't take too long. I'm hoping there will be a couple of sales tomorrow; I want to order some stickers and the hard drive for my NAS :thonking:

I'm going to buy a few more domains for It probably won't be *now* but in the next couple of months. Any suggestions/requests?

They will all be options in the registration UI along with the ability to use your own domain.

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