Here's a dev preview of the new website for @RedactedLife. It's still far from finished but the backend work is done and all that's left is tweaking the main website; I hired a friend of mine to create everything so I get to just tell him what to change instead of spending hours figuring out how to do it myself :blobhappy:

Time to practise guitar for the music for @RedactedLife. I think I've pretty much decided that it'll all be acoustic folk music played and recorded by me πŸ€”

@RedactedLife will have to take the backseat for a bit again. School starts next week and I'll have a fraction of the time I do now. I need to migrate to a new server using containers and Ansible with an "infrastructure as code" model, I need a new mail server then to migrate accounts and data over to it, and I have to build my PC all while keeping up with a crazy schedule and difficult classes :blobono:

Finally getting around to creating artwork for . I think this is the palette I'm going with :thonking:

It sounds much the same as the last one but I'm happier with this. The only editing I did was fade in, redo the last chord, and normalise the audio levels. It's still not ready to go in an episode but we're getting closer πŸ˜‰

I think I may have the intro to πŸ€”

Of course I'd record it more cleanly and do some editing but I really like this one.

I think I've figured out a good intro to . Once I get it a bit more polished, I'm going to record it and maybe do the first episode :thonking:

Should I put my audiocast on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and the rest of the cancerous platforms or only release it through RSS?

I'm leaning very heavily towards the latter because distributing it elsewhere would be counter-intuitive to the whole premise of the show. However, that also has the potential to prevent people who actually *need* to hear it from finding it.

My hardware setup is complete!

βœ… USB mic
βœ… Shock mount
βœ… Pop filter
βœ… Boom arm

All that's left is to finish the website and record the first episode :thonking:


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