I've moved too! :ablobcatwave:

My new account is 👉 @caltlgin@social.nixnet.services Once the old server catches up on federation, I'll fully migrate over there and this account will have a redirect in put in place :blobfingerguns:

I've moved! :blobcheer:

My new account is @amolith@social.nixnet.services :blobsmilehappyeyes: Once the old server catches up on federation, I'll fully migrate over there and this account will have a redirect in put in place :ablobcathappypaws:


For anyone trying to get used to working remotely, there are multiple #CodiMD instances available for public use, including our official demo. Here are some of them 👇
demo.codimd.org from us
pad.nixnet.services from @amolith pad.snopyta.org from @snopyta
md.fossdaily.xyz from @caltlgin

If you're able to host CodiMD yourself, instructions for doing so can be found in the repo below 😊

Second-to-last thing I said before a day of downtime was "hold my beer" 🤣

On a side note, all features are working again for the old (.xyz) instance 😏

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After about a day of downtime, we are back :blobcheer:

masto.nixnet.xyz is running on a spare server while I set glitch-soc up on the main one. They'll both run for about a month to give my users a change to migrate and to allow remote accounts pick up on the migration.

@schoentoon I wish I could but there are so many awesome web services that rely on it 😢

@amolith Sounds like more reasons to just nope out of a repository when I see anything javascript related 🙊

Hmm NPM merging with GitHub . . . sounds to me like Microshit is going back to their tactics of embracing a tech, extending it, and then extinguishing it :thonking: There's already a GitHub Package Registry. What would they gain by absorbing NPM if not the eventual migration to their own thing

Hmm hold on. This is my opportunity to run glitch-soc :tinking:

@wowaname what I was more referring to is using your own VPS to avoid using services that return your IP but also do tracking, etc. eg: duckduckgo.com/?q=ip+api (Most of these websites)

Migrating to the new instance will have the added benefit of correcting some long-running issues of the current one. It's an old instance and my hacking on it has resulted in some minor but really annoying issues; namely, broken meta images and a running but nonfunctioning mastodon-streaming service. Home timelines updates are slow, federated timeline only shows new posts on a full page refresh, and scrolling to the bottom of the notifications does nothing. It just ends when it should pull older notifications from the server. It also uses a ton of storage and restarting would fix that 😉

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Quick tip 💡

For local bash scripting where you require your current IP address you can pass the following command via ssh to your VPS.
ssh user@ 'echo ${SSH_CLIENT%% *}'

Nice and easy, plus it avoids using an online API :blobderpy:

If I can swing it, I think I'll set my Mastodon instance up on a new domain tomorrow. I'll have to do some testing beforehand to see how much will break in the process. I'd really rather not run two instances but I also want to make sure my users have the chance to migrate so I'll leave both up for a month or so.

Should I move the documentation to my instance or leave it on the main site? Everything is handwritten HTML so, as the number of docs increases, the work needed to maintain it all will increase as well. Along with that, moving it to MediaWiki would also make everything else more discoverable :thonking:


We will be sending out GitNex stickers to all of you who have sent us the addresses starting this week.

For those who want one, we still have few. Please send your address to gitnex@swatian.com.

It's FREE. 👍

* Your data will be removed after sending out. We will NOT keep any of your information.


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