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I think I'm going to have to get this 🤔 I might run a public server too

I really need more storage space. I have no idea where I'm going to put all of this stuff from uni.

If you have a computer at home, sitting around, not doing much. Consider joining me and several others on the fedi in the fight against illness. has a group that's climbing the charts at #Foldingathome. Go to to get started. Our team number is 236421.

Light mode vs dark mode: which is better short-term and which is better long-term? :thonking:

My billiard pipe by Mauro Armellini with Second Breakfast from the Country Squire's Middle Earth line of tobacco blends

I think I'm going to get a churchwarden for my next pipe :thonking: I've wanted a churchwarden for a while because the longer stem is more comfortable when reading as well as makes for a cooler (double meaning intended) smoke. I'm thinking Nørding because of their reputation and all the good comments I hear from people plus their styles are really nice. If I can find one in my price range, a bent churchwarden would be really nice :tinking:

Some of the memes about working from home and not having to go to school are funny and all but it actually presents a very real problem. Both of the places Mom works are completely closed for the next few weeks and I won't be able to work at university so we'll have no source of income at all and yet the bills will still come in and they'll still have to be paid. Neither of us have the opportunity for remote work.

We both still have some money in the bank so it *hopefully* won't be a problem but there are many others that don't and they'll be in a very rough situation.

Hmm with an extended Spring break, I might be able to get the first episode of @RedactedLife recorded :tinking:

Today's Follow Friday suggestions were submitted to us by others on Mastodon. We are also including those that did the suggestions!

#ff #followfriday

Wu Wei










Also had some suggested hashtags:

#privacy #surveillance #surveillancecapitalism #gafam #privacymatters #GDPR #Aadhaar

This video's actually pretty good. Most content on this topic is dry/boring but the metaphor makes it interesting

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tfw you're supposed to be watching a sexual assault prevention training video for the content but your musician's mind focuses on the music because the guitar part is good and you want to keep those progressions in mind for later

All university hiring has been moved to Zoom, the Career Development Center is moving all their employer meetings to Zoom, professors are emailing us about using Zoom, my friend in IT Services said they're all learning the ins and outs so they can support the professors, and I'm damn sure we're not the only university migrating 100% of our interactions to Zoom.

If only they would self-host something like :blobcatthinking:

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Zoom had better have some damn good infrastructure :thonking:

#DuckDuckGo provided a great article about the risks of those public #USB-charging stations.

I think I wrote here about this quite a while ago, but here we go again:

There is something called "USB-Condom". Technically it's a chip that only takes the power from the USB connection, then implements the USB fast charging protocols and provides a socket for your regular USB cable to plug into. Just if you wonder why this pieces cost 6-7€ per piece.


Alright fedi, I need your guidance.

I am looking for a #linux #laptop for personal and work related use. I do want to get a laptop that supports the #freesoftware / #freehardware community.

Which one should I get?

I have looked at #pinebook, but I have a vague memory that both #manjaro and #kde released their own laptop?


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